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Carbide Die

Die cutting knife

Cut off knives are hard to determine the minimum and maximum dimensions. Please send me your detailed requirements or drawings

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 Product introduction 

Cutting knife for high quality raw materials

Cutting knife for the rich production experience

Cutting knife for advanced process equipment

Cutting knife for reliable quality assurance

   Until the mid-1900s, most precision wear parts were made of steel. Even today, steel parts are still in use due to their affordability, as tungsten carbide parts tend to cost more up front. The performance benefits that tungsten carbide dies have to offer, however, easily justify their price point.

  The primary advantage of tungsten carbide is its strength. Endurance Carbide’s tungsten carbide dies, which are notable for offering more satisfactory performance than their steel counterparts, tend to last significantly longer, too – even in extreme conditions. Thanks to this durability, our tungsten carbide dies require replacement much less often than typical steel dies, which not only reduces overall maintenance costs, but lessens machine downtime as well.

  Henghui will according to your product demand suggest Cutting knife's tungsten steel grades, or according to your requirements.


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