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2017 Shanghai fastener professional exhibition grand opening


By the summer of June, ITE group, AIT Yi (Asia) jointly organized the Exhibition Co. Ltd. and Shanghai found the Exhibition Co., the world's largest fastener field - FASTENER EXPO SHANGHAI 2017 exhibition Shanghai fastener professional exhibition Expo exhibition in Shanghai today officially kicked off.

The scale of the exhibition will be upgraded and the number of exhibitors will be higher

    The exhibition lasted three days, around the "advanced manufacturing", "high-tech materials", "closely linked to the terminal" three main lines, divided into different themes, exhibition hall of cutting-edge technology. According to organizers, the exhibition added 3 Museum, a total of 3 major theme pavilions, the exhibition area of 50 thousand square meters, an unprecedented scale.


As Asia's largest and highest level and the most influential fastener brand exhibition, the exhibition attracted nearly 800 companies from Germany, the United States, Italy, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Chinese, Taiwan area and Hongkong area and other global 14 countries and regions participating the number of exhibitors, a record high

 Diversified display, domestic exhibitors competing on the same stage

    No. 1 Museum in addition to display fasteners manufacturing equipment, materials, molds and consumables, this year for the first time set up fasteners production equipment international zone. Han Guoxiao East Hyodong, Italy Carlo Salvi, National Machinery, the national Wafios of Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Nedschroef Sacma Sakamura, Taiwan, Taiwan Wang Kai, exquisite dragon Zhejiang, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shanghai Yue exhibition into the spring, Kunshan Dabao, Baosteel, Masteel, etc. many well-known enterprises attended, leading the fastening a new direction for the development of equipment industry.